A Guide to Planning a Stag Party.

In the United Kingdom, bachelor parties are commonly referred to as stag weekends or a stag party. They are held for the bachelor who is about to get married. Attendees include the bachelor's friends. The party is mostly planned by the best man or a close friend. Here is a guide to planning a night to remember stag party for your friend. Here's a good read about Stag Weekend Activities, check it out!

Start early, plan early. This is the secret to a successful stag party. You already have the wedding date, fix the party probably the last weekend or one of the night, days before the wedding day. Avoid the last night to the wedding;  You do not want the groom and friends to all look jagged on the wedding day. 

Have a checklist of all the things you want to achieve. Tag one or two of your mutual friends with the groom, someone who can help with the planning.  Make a list of the men to invite for the stag party. You can send them invitation cards and ensure they RSVP for easier planning and logistics. Once the guests have confirmed attendance, you can form a social group for easier communication. Today, technology has made communication very effective.

Next, plan your venue. The party can be held at your residence, or one of the attendees' place. Alternatively, you can book a site at a restaurant or other areas that offer party venues. Be sure to book early in advance. Consider the location of the venue; the party might end in wee hours of the night, therefore, ensure the venue is located in places with easy access to cab or any other means of transport for those without own cars. Kindly visit this website https://www.sfgate.com/style/unionsquared/article/Bachelor-bachelorette-parties-4523865.php  for more useful reference.

Prepare a budget for the stag party. Factor in the cost of food, drinks and any miscellaneous. If you will rent a venue, factor in its cost in the budget. You will decide whether the attendees will fund the budget, or the groom will fund, but in most cases, the latter happens. You will all decide how much to contribute per head and the role each person will play. Do not take up all the roles, let other members feel they are part and parcel of the party. 

And finally, in your chat forum, accommodate other member's ideas so that you can make the stag party a success and night to remember. Keep the group updated on all the plans and seek their views on any changes. Keep in mind that you are the leader; everyone is looking upon you for guidance.